Another chilled out Sunday after Church. The weather was obscenely cold, but Baby Cat was wrapped up warmly enough to sleep through the whole trip.
I know that the pace of this video is quite fast; I hope you don't miss too many details :) My priority is the same: to make a good looking video that carry a story, all cut within SDE (Same Day Edit) restrictions. I paid a lot more attention to audio this time, making sure to cut the song to suit my footage, and keeping verbal audio clear too.

My 2nd priority is to record a memory from this time in life. I noticed how camera-conscious Dad is in this video, but that just helps me remember that I'm there with them all too :)

Production specs -
Shooters: Kaiwin
and Mikey (who chose to use the 135mm 2.0L!!)

1hr shooting (aprox 20mins footage)
3.5hrs editing (2:15mins final video)
20mins export
40mins upload

=5.5hrs work

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