As we come to Christmas 2008, many people may wonder if it really is a “wonderful time of the year” based upon the discouraging news we keep hearing of job losses and economic struggles. Well, the wonderful news about Christmas is that the joy of Christmas is not limited by the economy. In fact, it’s not really about the economy at all. It’s about a baby born in a stable to poor parents over 2000 years ago.

Our desire is to remind everyone of the good news of Christmas, and we’re doing it through color. Colors really do elicit certain strong feelings. That’s why so much emphasis is given to making sure we get things just right concerning color. For instance, we all know what we feel when we think of burnt orange shag carpet, right? And we also know the feeling we get from seeing a bright blue sky after a particularly foggy day.

Colors are important. That’s why we chose to focus on the Colors of Christmas this year for our 16th annual Christmas Eve services. Our prayer is that the colors we focus on will bring you a sense of hope, peace, love and joy as you realize just how much God has blessed us with the gift of His Son.

May every day in the year and every Christmas in the future be colored beautifully because of our experience together.

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