A segment of a four day time-lapse taken from the public opening.

ARTCUBE contains a novel interactive sculpture comprising photographs of the artistic processes and techniques captured by Brandon Shigeta. Stacked into random arrays forming a single cubic massing the sculpture includes hidden signed cards and custom artwork on the surface of the postcards by artists. Perhaps qualifying the exhibit as the heaviest photographic exhibit ever, the sculpture consists of approximately 65,000 postcards of approximately 80 various images to be removed by visitors as souvenirs. The sculpture provides visitors with participatory spatial and tactile experiences in which they remove their favorite images to change the overall form of the mass to reveal new images below. A ceiling mounted camera will record a time-lapse image stream of the changing topography of the top of the sculptural surface over the course of the show.

ARTCUBE is a concentrated agglomeration of images that form narratives of artistic processes, assemblages and details like brush strokes. Those images also reveal their specific, sometimes even illegal, locations in city space and time. Ephemeral at their origin these artistic acts will be further dissolved by ARTCUBE‘s visitors into a flow of the fast paced and energetic cycles of aesthetic metropolitan consumption and production. They will become postcards from the present to a wonderfully fictional future city.

*Winner of the Golden Astro Boy award for best of show.

individual 2k stills

Shot with a ceiling mounted Ricoh GR Digital III...
mode: aperture priority
aperture: f9.0
iso: 64
interval: 5 secs
file type: dng
white balance: auto

Post process...
Apple Aperture 3.0: cataloging, white balance, basic edits, and final crop.
Adobe Photoshop CS5: lens correction
BorderFX for Aperture plug-in: time stamp
Apple Quicktime 7: compiling of frames
Adobe Premiere CS5: composition and output of movie

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