**Please note**: This video is an inside joke-most viewers may enjoy it, but will not understand the background story. It is loosely based on-or should I say inspired by-a true story. Fan the Boys (a euphemism for playing with one's self when there is nothing useful or productive to do) was filmed over 2 lunch hours using a Cannon Digital Elf camera and Windows Movie Maker, which I had just discovered was loaded on my work computer about 5 minutes before I decided to film this nonsense! For lack of resources, I even provided the "music" and sound FX using the 6.0 MP camera's on-board microphone.

The video follows one of my favorite methods of amateur movie making: "No script, no storyboard, no problem"! Just make it up as you go along.

Truth is, this video was made at the height of the real estate meltdown, intended for those I worked with at a residential reconstruction company-which was going through its own meltdown. Most of the flick is inside jokes, needless action, and exaggerations of the political infighting that occurred around the time I made it. We called that period "The Coup".

At the time, our "new job" was to pretend to be active in our job of monitoring new construction, but to not ACTUALLY accomplish anything-kinda stupid huh? That was what we were mocking in this video.

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