The work that I have been doing for the last 10 years has reached an exciting and conclusive moment.

I'm humbled to say I have made art in some of the greatest institutions in the city that I love so much: the Museum of Modern Art, Exit Art, Grace Exhibition Space, English Kills Art Gallery, and in multiple innovative and provocative public programming venues.

Here's the bottom line:

My work is unconventional, ephemeral, and outside of the mainstream, and I have been given an opportunity to take this work to a higher level in a much more public way, and I need your financial support to do it.

On October 22, English Kills Art Gallery is presenting a three week solo show of my work. It will feature two new innovative performances (one featuring a full choir!) and re-stagings and re-interpretations of former works. This is rare for a performance artist to have a space, a place, and time to show work in this way. English Kills is an incredible operation.

I received a Franklin Furnace grant 2010-11 which made me eligible for an innovative and incredible resource for out-of-the-mainstream artists like me: USA artists.

It's similar to Kickstarter in that I have to raise all of the money for my project (8500 dollars) or I get nothing. I've offered incentives for donation, and created a video work to provide more information about my practice and why I think it's important. I currently have 21 days left to raise this sum, or the project will not be realized.

If everyone that receives this message was willing to sacrifice 80 dollars towards this ambitious project today, the project would be fully funded. If you can't donate that much, even a small donation helps. If you're financially able to give substantially more, you exponentially increase the chances of my work making it out into the world in the way it should. Every gift is tax deductible - and please consider the incentives that I offer. 80 dollars could change everything for me. Also, if you're wiling to think outside of the box and forward this initiative to friends and family, I would be deeply grateful.

The link to my project page is below:

With love, humility, and deep gratitude I ask you to consider becoming a patron of my work.

Rob Andrews

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