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To celebrate my pal Geoff Meade on his 30th birthday, he called upon his sister and friends to go skydiving...this is our story:

This is a video of my second skydive (I wish I had a video from the first time in Louisiana - that was quite a trip, too!) I trekked out to Long Island from the city and it was another beautiful summer day. Before I knew it, were were all suited-up and interviewed on camera. After boarding the King Air at "Skydive Long Island" we shared a few laughs (some more nervous than others) and I watched Geoff and his sister Amy bail out of our plane with their instructors before me.

We climbed 13,500-15,000 feet and dropped... My guide Curt is a great instructor - a retired New York City Fireman, Curt was also fortunate enough to make it out of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Curt lost a lot of good men that day and this video is dedicated to him and the brave heroes who sacrificed their lives trying to save so many others on Sept 11, 2001. Thank you for your service my friend...and thanks for keeping me alive during our great jump, too! :-)

PS: My favorite part of this dive was when Curt had to tap my dome (twice!) to get me to look at Carmen (our videographer)...I was too busy taking-in the view of the Long Island sound at 120mph. LOL

I'm glad Geoff made it safe to 30 years of age on this day and big props to his sister Amy for making the dive with us! Thanks for the great service!

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