Az infographics animation of the cartels in general and their impact on Hungary.

Adobe Photoshop was used for creating the silhouettes, and Apple Motion for the animation and layer works.


What is the Cartel?

The competing companies, in order to achieve higher prices and profits, orally or in writing, agree with each other to restrict competition. This is the cartel.
It NEVER comes with social benefits.

With their influence they can decide the allocation of the market, the quantity of goods and prices.
Monopoly-like market activity resulting in high prices and sacrificing quality.
Consumers suffer for up to 40% price increase, and they forced to pay.
If hardcore cartel is not theft, what is it?

According to GVH (Hungarian Competition Authority), between 2002 and 2006 the 20 largest cartels caused at least 64 billion Ft (~$350 million USD) of damage:
Every Hungarian citizen was stolen at least 6400Ft!...
But this amount can reach up to 14200Ft as well.

Dispite of the apparent great success, the cartel isn't favorable for it's participants.
In addition to slowing down innovations and improvements, the efficiency decreases, which leads to profit reduction in a long term.

Apart from the economic loss, when a cartel gets publicity, it may have serious negative press. Multi-billion fine is being taken, exclusion from the competition and the EU or state financial assistances.

In worst case, it's punishable by five years imprisonment.

The injured customers can sue for damages against the members(firms) of the cartels'.

The GVH (Hungarian Competition Authority) will use all resources in order to detect and punish cartels, in which any legal persons, local government, advocacy groups and support welcomed.


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