He’s from a small village created around the best right hand wave in Indonesia. Watch Oney’s dreams come true and witness the ultimate surfing discovery; an endless barreling wave.

Featuring Oney Anwar, Gede Narmana, Andri Anwar, Gazlin Hamzah, Ketut Menda, Mick Fanning, Rizal Tanjung, Koby Abberton, Benji Weatherley, Doug Warbrick, Phil MacManara, Ted Grambeau and Dick Hoole.

Sponsored by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia,

The youngest of 12 children, Oney grew up at Lakey Peak, Sumbawa - a surf break that was discovered in the 80’s by Ted Grambeau and friends on a surf expedition.

Soon Oney developed an infatuation with surfing. At age eight he was given a free surfboard by a visiting surf photographer and soon he gravitated towards Bali seeking sponsorship.

For a kid growing up in a disciplined Muslim family Bali was full of challenges but Oney secured a place on the Rip Curl International Development Program and was relocated to the Gold Coast where he trains in the Sports Excellence Program developed by Mick Fanning.

We follow Oney and Ted to the mystical area of the Bono, Northern Sumatra where he shows the world exactly why he’s the Indonesian hopeful and we explore the fascinating, local culture.

As Oney approaches 18 he faces some difficult choices in life. Will he follow an exciting career surfing and become the first Indonesian surfer competing full time on the WCT or will he further his education and an academic future.

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