I'm sure someone has tried this before, but I haven't seen any videos on it.

In this video I'm testing which is a better mic to use indoors when there is a ton of background noise you can't get away from:

The Canon HG10 internal mic
The Rode VideoMic
or a $40 dynamic mic that I had lying around

In the test, I have my external computer speakers (2 speakers and a small subwoofer) playing some pretty loud music. The video switches between my Macbook Pro webcam and the HG10 video.

The dynamic mic (a Sennheiser e815s) doesn't sound all that great, and it comes in as a mono track. But it might be worth throwing on in your bag. Also, since it's a dynamic mic, you can just throw on an XLR - 1/8" adapter (no phantom power needed).

Obviously, there ARE better microphones for this application. But if you're a starving college student like me (well, starving recent graduate), this may be an acceptable alternative.

The foam filter on top of the Sennheiser was purchased at a local Guitar Center - it came in a five-pack for around $10.

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