A sculpture sprayed with human pheromones as a metaphor for the chemical signaling of plants.
The sculpture is a symbiosis of nature and technology and refers to the architecture and plants. The starting point for the design is the fact that plants communicate to survive. Plants are intelligent and social organisms with complex forms of communication and information processing. Plants are able to recognize the identity of herbivores and organize the defense responses accordingly. More than 20 different groups of molecules with communicational functions have currently been identified.
The reason that plants communicate is in a way metaphorical to the communication activities of Europol.

location: wintergarden new Europol HQ in Den Haag,
dimensions: lenght: 14 meter
completed: 2011

Concept, production and design: Ronald van der Meijs
website: ronaldvandermeijs.nl

Atelier Rijksbouwmeester / RGD of the Dutch Government.

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