Trying out the Tilt Shift Effect with Canon 5d MarkII and a Canon 2.8/24-70mm Zoom lens. Our intern Kim went down to the riverside and brought back some nice material of Hamburg Hafencity and Dockland.

Here are the basics adjustments you need to create this effect:

1. Use a tripod.
2. Film from a higher point of view that the camera films the object from above.
3. Shoot at least 3 minutes that you can speed up the footage later.
4. Shoot a wide angle establishing shot. Humans should appear as a small detail in the scenery.

5. Editing: Speed it up: at least 500% or even more. Try different speed settings.
6. Saturate the picture that it gets kind of cheesy.
7. Copy the edited clip an put the above the original clip into a second video track.
8. Create an elliptic mask on the clip in video track 2, invert the mask and soften its borders.
9. Put a gaussian blur on the clip in video track 2.
10. Render and export!
11. Enjoy your first tilt shift video.

fri.event Orchestra
Soleil dans les Flagues
CC BY-SA 3.0

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