Hot, hot, hot for this Thunderhill weekend in late July.

For this race I qualified 5th in class, 21st overall. I finished 4th in class, 16th overall. The green car ahead of me at the finish was the 3rd place car. If I had one more lap I would have caught him and possibly passed him.

For each session I shove a bag of ice down my suit in order to keep cool, and that only lasted about 20 minutes. I need a cool suit if I'm going to keep racing in 95+ degree heat. It's about 120 in the cockpit, and about 140-150 down by the pedals due to the exhaust. My feet were in constant pain.

But there was lots to gain, as I'm sure the video will prove, there was good racing to be had. The car handled the heat alright. It was running a bit hot but some extra ducting around the radiator kept it acceptably in check.

The setup on the car was all new to me for this race. I spent the first couple laps feeling it out, learning how it will behave with the new settings. The car was suffering alignment problems, which were solved with this new setup.

The Contour HD didn't seem to mind being furnaced.

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