What would you do if your tongue could extend 20 some inches from your head? As for myself, I am very glad my tongue doesn't protrude that far from my face. However, the Giraffe has a different story. If his tongue couldn't reach that far he wouldn't have the ability to easily swipe the acacia trees of all their tasty berries. One other fact which also peaked my interest was that these acacia trees have long thorns on their branches which the giraffe has to wiggle its tongue through. Even though the Giraffe is very skilled with this maneuver it will occasionally puncture its tongue and if it wasn't for the self-healing antiseptic fluids in its tongue the thorns would cause great damage.

This is only one of the many amazing facts about the Giraffe. You must watch this video and you will be simply in wonder at the abilities which this tall mammal posses.

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