Ten months after the signing of the memorandum for Greece’s economic adjustment programme, the protests on 23-2-2011 during the general strike, brought again thousands of people in the streets of Athens concluding in Syntagma square - named after the Constitution - where many major clashes, mourning and celebrations have taken place in recent history.

The participation in the strike included nearly every union; people from every spectrum. The media’s late response, whose unions were also on strike, was showing edited scenes of violence and clashes with the police, transcending an image of unplaced restlessness. The media owners were constructing an apparent compliance of society, in condemning the violence, which reminds us of the Greek Parliament’s majority compliance towards the exogenously enforced economic austerity measures taken without public consent.

The film collects scenes from that day on the square and the streets around it, where most protestors eventually faced police abuse and teargas; the police dividing and splitting the crowds, forcing them to slowly leave the grounds.
Where does everyone retreat to? What are the afterthoughts on days like these? Could the message of disobedience generate the creation of new possibilities? The ideas of emancipation, correction of distortions, the reason and rules.

"Under the paving stones, the beach."
Shot, edited-in-camera, hand processed by 'zanmanfu'.

Film: Super8 - Kodak Try-X & Kodak Ektachrome 64T, Camera: Agfa Movexoom 10 MOS Electronic
Hand Processed at 'LabA' (Laboratory Athens)

Videoed off the wall, hence excuse the poor image quality, Leftrights 'zanmanfu' 2011

( Music: 'We Knew' by Billy Storm & The Valiants & 'Street Fighting Man' by The Rolling Stones )

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