You are watching the Second Part of a 3-part series shot at an important meeting on June 28, 2001.

This is how the video series divides up:

Part 1: The Density Reaction.
Deals with the community's first reaction to density models presented to the group.

Part 2: The Economic Analysis.
Essential knowledge for understanding the economic quagmire of Part 3 of this series, AND it's surprisingly easy to understand. You'll learn essential terms such as "land lift". He notes that a density of 2.25 should be sufficient for the developer to make a profit, and the community get its desired amenities. Compliments to Mr. Blair Erb of Coriolis Consulting for his compelling performance.

Part 3: A Memorandum to the Community of Little Mountain.
The architect reads the "Memorandum of Understanding" to The People. Floor opens up under participants.

Warning: Watching this last act of the series may raise your blood pressure!

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David Vaisbord
July 27, 2011

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