“Being an artist, artistic conceptualist, para-performative artist-historian and crook myself, as well as a PhD Candidate at the Department of Art History of VU University Amsterdam, made it possible for me to have a rapport with other artist, art critics and historians, made it possible for me to encourage L.C. von Sukmeister to be painterly critic –even non-commercial- about his work, to reinforce his instincts and to support his development. Video artists and video art appropriationists in particular, by definition, didn’t need to be encouraged towards personal expression; so it was imperative for me to assign his tasks sympathetic to his style. Over the years, it has been enlightening and a privilege to work with many artists, designers and art critics and historians (such as Renzo Martens, Pablo Wendel, Martin Sastre, Sylvie Fleury, Donald Judd, Art & Language Group, Hans-Dieter Huber, Kitty Zijlmans, Francis Halsall, Stefano Mirti, Rivane Neuenschwander, Sue de Beer, Vivan Sundaram, Jannis Kounellis, Kota Ezawa, James Stirling, Tomas Saraceno, Ana Maria Tavares, Gert-Jan Prins, Peter Roehr, Ayşe Erkmen, Shinique Smith, Hans Bertens, Andrea Fraser, Renate Wiehager, Ryan Trecartin, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Martha Rosler, Michael Baldwin, Charles Harrison and Diller & Scofidio), who extensively have contributed to the New Art Video Appropriation Movement (NAVA). It is with extreme pleasure to me that these works are to be shown on the worldwide web museum. I’d like to extend my appreciation to these people for their invaluable assistance in making this exhibition and future exhibitions reality. I also thank Arthur Paul, former Art Director of Playboy, for his confidence and encouragement in my efforts to strengthen the bond between good art, video art (appropriation) and textual publishing and stealing.” R.S. de Boer, 21 December 2008.

Art Director: L.C. von Sukmeister
Journalist Witte de Raaf: Lyndon Christensen
Camera Operator: Suki
Location: MAMCO Geneva
Location II: Ste. Anne 129, Nimègue
Date: 28 October 2008 & 21 December 2008
Work: Plexiglas Playmate (1967)
Artist: Larry Rivers
Artist II: Sylvie Fleury
Artist III: L.C. von Sukmeister
Script: Le Chat
Script Assistant: A. Paul, Beyond Illustration. The Art of Playboy, p. 1, 1971.
Art: 2.0

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