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Well, as many of you know that are either in our industry or follow our facebook entries, I had a serious motorcycle accident over three months ago. Having the amazing crew of talented photographers that I have (and yes, that includes you too Tiff), we were able to successfully cover all my events that I was scheduled to personally shoot and with total satisfaction from all of our clients. However, there was one couple that I promised and truly made my goal to personally be there.

Now, many of you know how I feel about my clients. They are like family. But Mitch and Emily, that was like my brother and sister. I know that sounds weird being that they just got married, but you get the picture. So, with that said, I made all the efforts to exceed the Physical Therapy and Doctors expectations. And Viola, I was shooting the wedding!

I could not have asked for a better day to be my first day back. It was way better than the first day of school. Emily was just radiant and truly glowing. I mean really, she had glowing glitter on her. Her make up was artistically done by Jenna Marie of Kiss this Make Up (kissthismakeup.com/). I love Jenna! The make up could not have been any more perfected. Emily is just the sweetest bride, calm, relaxed and beautiful. We had a great time catching her getting ready. And I could not wait for her to see Mitch.

When I found Mitch, he seemed a little nervous or jittery. Not uncommon when a man knows he is about to see the most beautiful girl in the world. I can not even express the emotion that was shared when they first came together. We all had it!

If you ever wished for the perfect wedding, this was that day. The weather was amazing and the Ceremony / Reception was held at the Omphoy Ocean Resort (omphoy.com/). The Omphoy is simply spectacular and if you add my favorite Catering Manager, Amanda Brothers, you have a mix for success. Amanda is the glue, the energy and the visionary to put and keep everything together. I heard her repeat to her staff, that “she had her dream team here today”.

Nothing could have changed to make this day any better and the photos truly speak volumes. I did tease the couple throughout the night, by showing them some shots from my camera. And yes, that did get me a few hugs from both the bride and groom (my brother and sister). I can’t wait till they see the rest of the shots and look forward to creating a very special album for them to reflect back on this unforgettable day.

Oh, one last thing. The bride’s son Anthony (now Emily and Mitch’s) who is 6 years old, is hopefully going to come work for me when he gets older. I set up a few special shots and gave him my cable release to take the photo. Can you imagine what he will remember when he looks back at the shots he took, in like 10 more years. How cool was that!

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