Ooh Danger! In order to write dangerously, you have to live dangerously. A famous author encourages his young writing students to live and write on the edge, leading to a blurring of the boundaries between fact, fiction and sanity.

The DW teaser intends to capture the spirit of the film, reflecting its long takes and its unconventional expression of plot. Check out the trailer to get a sense of the plot.

New feature film by Neal A. Corl and friends shot in Portland, Oregon. Starring David Millstone, Aislinn Cartmill-Arnett, Joey Boyd and Andrew Dickson. Cinematography by Jordan Karr-Morse. Original music by Dan Eccles & Neal Corl. Editing by Jeremy Bird. Produced by Dennis Brenhaug, Neal Corl and David Millstone.

DW features a song by The Flying Neutrinos with special guest Doc Cheatham
Locations include the original Voodoo Donuts, Ristretto Roasters and Stumptown Coffee

Premiere info and Website coming soon!

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