A small film, with a small crew, on a small budget ($250), that was a real big success...

¡Perfecto! was the winner of YouTube's international short film competition, Project: Direct 2009 which sent us to Sundance Film Festival! (youtube.com/projectdirect)

It was selected as a Top 10 entry by a panel of Sundance programmers out of over 700 shorts from the US and 8 other countries. Then it was voted by the public YouTube community as the overall winner! Our prize was being sent out to Sundance Film Festival for 4 days, meetings with YouTube and Sundance execs, interviews, and a special screening of ¡Perfecto! in front of about 300 people. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was there.

The parameters were as follows:
We had 1 month to concept, write, shoot, edit and finalize an original short film with a run time of no longer than 5 minutes, that had to include a red telephone and at least 2 props out of a list of 25 props that had appeared in Sundance films over the past 25 years (we chose a wedding dress and soccer balls). Other than that, the story was up to us.

¡Perfecto! is a story about perfect love for imperfect people. A small-town girl who's a small-time thief falls in love with a Latin stranger she meets. Their language barrier may not stop them from getting married, but the police that show up might.

Visit: perfectofilm.com

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