- This week, thousands of immigrants and their allies protested outside the White House, denouncing the Obama administration for deporting more than one million immigrants in the last two years. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Democrat from Illinois, was among the dozen of protesters arrested on Tuesday for peacefully occupying the White House sidewalk. He participated in the act of nonviolent civil disobedience one day after he received a letter from President Obama rejecting his proposal to suspend deportations of undocumented college students with clean criminal records. "I thought for one moment, I should have my hands clasped together with handcuffs and taken away to bring attention and to say, I denounce [Obama's immigration] policy that is immoral," Gutierrez says in an interview on Democracy Now! July 29. "Right now the Republicans are leading in their anti-immigrant, xenophobic march both in the House and Senate. With the same vigor that they lead against us with hatred and bigotry, we want [Obama] to stand up with the same energy for us."

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