El Chorrillo is known as one of the most dangerous places in Panama. the police always tell the tourists not to go but is difficult for me to tell you the same.

This is my view and feelings about being there and taking some pictures to its people, their life and what I learned from them: I learned that you can live life surviving one day at the time.

This is also my first photo-essay ever.

The copy of my video (In case my pronunciation was not clear enough):

El Chorrillo
At first I was pretty scared of the idea of leaving the posh side of the old city, even though I was living right at the gate of the neighborhood. Then, when I was still working for a travel agency, we got an opportunity to go with somebody from there for a tour and we took it like “ooooooook im not sure about this but lets do it”.

The Foreign Witness
Once I was there, my correlation between wealth and happiness just blurred itself in a massive and colorful mess. I never that much people smiling for whatever reason and I swear I know about smiles, I worked at Disney.

I felt that five senses were not enough. Colors exploded there like no other place I’ve been before making the quirky environment looking even more surreal. The sounds there blended into a hectic music full of unexpected waves of life and human interaction. The textures were strong, thick, mixed, like scars printed by time as old guardians of normality. The heat turned the smells into knives that stabbed my nose and made my brain sound all the alarms at the same time. The taste of the food was as strong and confusing as ripe tropical fruits making my heart melt in a sunny way. Those people loved their existence, they were definitely not poor.

My Conclusions
After that little visit my body works this way:
I feel that poverty is not what we think it is at all, it is something different I need to explore separately.
I think life is sunny and smiley no matter where you live how you look or what you like.
I feel attitude makes an important role in being able to solve every day’s issues.
I learned that people can be happy in the most unexpected ways and in the oddest places.

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