The story we want to tell is about how Smailovic’s act of courage and grace during times of devastation inspires Emila, a mother who has miserably given up hope for a bright future for her only child, Alen, and for her loving career as a music teacher. Emila, a former piano teacher at the local school who used to be the source of inspiration for her pupils, now spends her gloomy days cowering in her apartment where she is desperately trying to cope with the effects of war- the loss of a dear friend, her husband going to battle, and the fear of not being able to protect her child. Much to her dismay, 12-year-old Alen is more fascinated than afraid by the war raging in their city of Sarajevo. Gone is the vibrant city that she remembers- a city rich with diversity, culture, and beautiful architecture. Now, the city has turned into a broken landscape littered with bullet holes, mortar shells and ruined buildings.

For me, this story is not merely about the devastating affects of war, but most importantly about the people who learnt how to continue their lives in such terrifying and hard times. It is also about the beautiful act of Smailovic who defied the life sanctioned on by the war, and played his cello out in the streets of Sarajevo amidst all of the fighting. He did not accept being a victim, and instead he proved how the good of humanity can prevail even in the darkest of times.

We are asking for your help in reaching our budget of 5,000 dollars in order for us to realise our project which we are passionate about...



TRAVEL: Moving our crew from London to Sarajevo




PRODUCTION : Insurance and permits to shoot in Sarajevo, providing food for cast and crew, hiring camera, lighting, and sound equipment, hiring a van, costumes and props hiring.


POST PRODUCTION: Editing, color grading, sound mixing, festival submission, packaging the film.

All the money that we raise here on Kickstarter will be seen on the screen, and it will help our team to produce the highest quality, most compelling and honest film that we can make, thanks to you!


We have 30 days to raise $5000 (we are even allowed to exceed our limit, so if you see that the film is funded but still would like to be a part of it please still donate, every little bit helps!) If we don’t reach our pledge by the deadline we don’t receive any funding and your credit cards WILL NOT be charged.

I sincerely hope this story will inspire you as much as it does me and that you find it worthy of any financial consideration you may be able to offer. Any help and financial support you can provide will go a long way in making this vision a reality.


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