This is a 23 minute version of the classic film noir (and public domain) Detour, with music from (a) the film itself, (b) trance music licensed Creative Commons by-nc-sa. Editing was done with FCPX. The scenes are not in the same sequence as in the original 68 minute film, but no change in plot. Basically, there are no flashbacks now, and I shortened some scenes. However, you should get the essential plot of the original film from this version and still be able to appreciate some of the great camera work and lighting.


Detour (1945 film)
directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
license: public domain

Tom Neal as Al Roberts
Ann Savage as Vera
Claudia Drake as Sue Harvey
Edmund MacDonald as Charles Haskell Jr

Atomic cat - A call from Hope
A call from Hope
Bad girls need love too
Red alert !

Essence - Friends
02 - Essence - Tranceistor ( 2007 )

Iglu (Ep. 4) - Dance Over Dark

* The shots of Al hitch-hiking across the US from New York to Los Angeles were intercut with clips of a camera panning over a map of the US, running right to left, starting in NYC. In order for the cars Al rides in to seem to also be going right-to-left, several shots are "reversed" since the cameraman filmed form the wrong side of the road. In these clips (mostly edited out of this shorter version) the driver is driving on the wrong side.
* Tom Neal was a contract actor for the studio. He lead a tragic life himself, including a prison term for killing his third wife in 1965.

Charles Haskell Jr: "You know there ought to be a law against dames with claws."
Al Roberts: "Yep."
(at the 7 min mark)

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