Ojala meaning "hopefully" in Spanish, is a non-verbal documentary film containing no dialogue, no plot and no storyline. The passage of time is what carries multiple themes and emotions throughout this small cinematic journey.

The photography displays the contrast between the natural world, the man-made world and the spiritual world. The film features a number of diverse locations, including tropical landscapes, Auschwitz and the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The movie was shot in six different countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, Jamaica, Israel and Poland, within a time frame of two years. It includes important landmarks from around the world and different religious sanctuaries.

This film was inspired by Ron Fricke's Baraka

This movie was entirely directed, shot, produced and edited by myself; I survived this experience as a one man crew.

I hope you enjoy it!

A film by Gabriel Volcovich
© 2011 Volco Films

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