struct_2@Pavilhão 21C is the result of the collaboration
between a resident at Hospital Júlio de Matos (a state
psychiatric institution) and my "struct" systems applied in
a real-time site-specific context. Its goal: to explore
intimate notions of space and time in a collaborative
fashion through the minds that heal silently, exhausted of
western society, through invisible technology.

The idea was to record in digital video the raw interaction
taking place inside the room. A human explores the
room armed with a camera tracking its sound and sights
and feeding them in realtime to the computer. The
signals are mingled and displaced, stored in buffers and
re-broadcasted to the space in the same temporal instant
that they are being received. The video projector plays
the result of the image process to the ground of the

struct_2 @ pavilhão 21C
video, pal, color, sound, 21min37sec

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