This short confronts in its first part common pairs of verbal expressions such as:

ping vs. pong
tick vs. tack
ja vs. nein (en: yes vs. no)
aber vs. was denn? (but... vs. what is it?)
sag sowas nicht vs. wieso was sag ich denn? (don't say such thing vs. why what am i saying?)

these expressions are dubbed together in an accumulating bolero style but disarranged to end up in an orchestral kind of a mumbling crowd of people wildly discussing an argument in a senseless actio-reactio-manner. The single voices however are completely synthesized.

Video/audio recording: Rollei da5324
Video editing/processing: Avidemux 2.5.3/Pitivi 0.13.5
Audio editing/processing + additional audio (stereo): Audacity 1.3.12-beta
Voice creation:

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