Qualia takes the viewer on a journey and explores thinking and expression in animals in a dreamlike context, emphasizing the inner-workings of each subject. My intent is to evoke feelings of displacement and suffering through the use of puppets that I created to exist in a world all their own. In this world, the characters go on a journey of self-reflection and allow the viewer to glimpse into the interior of an unexplored, ignored fantasy world that exists in another place and time.

Inspired by toys I used to play with as a child called the Woodsey Family, the plot is as follows: The leaders of the clan conduct experiments on various objects and creatures in order to reveal what makes them unique. They are suffering and empty inside and desire knowledge of why they are not considered special by man. Through studies of other species, the clan members continue to attempt to figure out the meaning of their existence. Different characters come to investigate the subjects and question what has happened and grasp to understand their place in the world. Each is affected differently and ponders the quality of their awareness of their own experiences.

Cassandra Sechler


2011: Qualia. Pollygrind Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV
2011: Qualia. Dimensions, San Francisco, CA
2011: Qualia. Interiors. Dreams for Dead Cats Production Studios, San Francisco, CA


Photographs documenting the project can be seen on my Flickr page:

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