This is my friend Frankie, his sister Heather and his brother Billy.

I personally met Frankie solely for the purpose of this movie. i had an idea for a movie I wanted to explore and needed a subject. My roommate then introduced me to Frankie. A veteran who was returning, this time to Afghanistan for his second tour of duty.

Before we started making this movie I had basically never met Frankie or his family. And i only had a short period of time to actually get to know him before he was deployed again. Now even though I only knew Frankie for a few months he became a very close friend of mine, who helped me through some of my own personal problems and became one of the people I trusted most.

Once we all started making this movie together I realized i no longer wanted to make a film about war or politics. It was something much more complicated. A family who didn't want to leave eachother. A family forced to say their goodbyes.

I learned that Frankie isn't a soldier. He is a brother, a son, and a friend.

Good To Go is a short documentary about what it's like having to say goodbye to the ones you love. The impossible task soldiers and their families face everyday. Frank Grenham, his sister Heather and his brother Billy walk us through what it's like, saying goodbye.

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