Winner of the 2010 Travel & Adventure Webby and People's Voice Awards

This is probably my single favorite segment I shot that aired on VBS. They generally don't have a strong narrative to begin with and try to tie it all together with V.O. that generalizes, exaggerates, or just plain fabricates the facts. This was one of the rare cases when we really just got swept up in the middle of a phenomenal story more powerful than anything the host/producer could imagine and were allowed to observe. With the exception of a stand-up intro at the beginning it plays out for 4 1/2 minutes of pure verite, it has to be a VBS record!

There is one fact that was covered in an earlier, more manipulative segment that I'll clue you in on as it informs this piece. During the civil war, General Butt Naked used to sacrifice an innocent child and consume the heart with his soldiers before going into battle. We watch in this piece as he has an informal meal in the presence of several children gazing through the window as he casually sings salvation hymn. Grim.

Please excuse the B camera, we had a skeleton crew and Vice routinely leaves that job to producers!

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