Surfing the Nations, a humanitarian organization from Wahiawa, Oahu, works and is a part of a fishing village in south east Sri Lanka. Living life with the locals. From surfing, working, to even just eating rotti. STN is their to be a part of the community producing life long friendships, and awesome smiles. Great people, great waves, flat out great. I learned a lot as a person. About myself, on such long plane rides, one does: being ambidextrous, my left eye being used for aiming, and folding with my left hand on top. I learned a lot about different people and cultures. I also learned a great deal of does and don'ts with shooting a trip and surfing. I now know what I do and do not need on trips. Oh. And don't put your hope in iPods, I think they don't work beyond U.S. boarders.
An amazing crew. An amazing trip. Hopefully more to come. Can't wait to get back.

1. Intro Thailand/The Point/STN Property: Machu Picchu, The Srokes

2. Yala Safari: O Porcupine, mewithoutYou

3. Kids Games: Helena Beat, Foster the People

4. Tuk Tuk Driver's Favorite Spot: Yeppers, Ray Barbee Meets the Mattson 2

5. Ohana Night: Right and Wrong, The Muslims

6. English Class: Sun Hands, Local Natives

7. Johnson's Rock: Stockholm Syndrome, Blink 182

8. Snake Village: Bullet to Binary Part two, mewithoutYou

9. Best Surf Sesh: Ghosts and Stuff Nero Remix, Dead Mau5

10. Ella: Gun and a Reason, The Drowning Men

Filmed, Editied, and Produced by Beau Akers

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