Man, that was... AWESOME !

One of the best week end of my life, thanks to DriftWorks, all the kind people who were there, and my journey's mates :-)

As froggies, we were afraid of the "hooligans" we may meet in England.
Wow: in the end, french fries have A LOT to learn from english people.
Everybody on the site, at the camping, ... was super gentle and kind.
Even more, none of the bikers with tatoos did hit us when we came to the Ace Café with a unicorn on the top of our car ^^

I just did shit with my settings on my Canon 550D.
Wish I read my master's "Stephen Brook" guide earlier (
I'll try not to fail with my shutter speed next time.
Hope you'll enjoy this short movie anyway.

Thank you Zek for your footage (Hey ! See ! I finally used a small part of it :-).

Thank you my NSC mates ( for this epic journey.
I'll write a 300+ pages book for my children to learn about all the funny things that happened in only two days xD

Thank you all the people who were there: you all are awesome !
What a great spirit you have ! I wish it would be possible to have the same in France :'(

Thank you SATS Cosworth, the Falken Team / drifted, JapSpeed, ... /

Thank you DriftWorks !

Last but not least, we have a thought for our collegue Antoine Amar whose S14's still on the site.
Hope you'll find a solution to bring it back to France.

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