HecticElectric Commercials:
00:04 Heineken, Speakers ______Crowd system development, Rigging.
00:06 Achmea, Bees ______Additional particle dynamics.
00:07 Albilad ______Additional particle dynamics, Rigging.
00:08 Heineken, Speakers ______Crowd system development, Rigging.
00:09 Allsecur, Pillows ______Modeling, Animation, Rigging.
00:13 Mitsubishi, Reveal ______nCloth dynamics for the sheets.
00:16 NS, Nature ______nCloth dynamics for the leaves.
00:20 Eneco, Green ______PaintFX Setup, Animation, Additional modeling.
00:24 NS, Nature ______Bird Rigging, Feather system development.
00:27 Nederland Veilig ______Modeling, Texturing, Shading (the knife).
00:29, Singstar ______Rigging, Hair, Fluid and nCloth Dynamics, Character Pipeline.
00:31 BDO, Numbers ______Rigging.

HecticElectric Films:
00:34 Erik of het kleine Insectenboek, feature film ______Modeling, Rigging, Shading, Rendering, Additional Animation.
00:45 De Storm, feature film ______Realflow dynamics, Maya particle dynamics.

00:48 Personal Project ______Everything (Design, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Shading, Rendering).

00:49 UncInc, Characters ______Everything except concept&design by Floris de Langen.
01:05 ApiApe, Character ______Everything except concept&design by Floris de Langen.

Software Used:
Maya, Zbrush, Nuke, Realflow, Mental Ray, Renderman, Vray for Maya.

Scripting Languages Used:
Python, MEL.

Thanks to everyone at HecticElectric, AVP, UncInc and everybody else who worked on these commercials and films.

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