[last update: 08/04/11] download: dl.dropbox.com/u/17263464/ICE/PowerExtrude/PowerExtrude_1.0.xsiaddon

big update with many new features. some of them are:

- rebuilt from scratch, packed as xsiaddon.
- menu based icetree builder/inspector
- reliable knot information retrieved through Data Providers
- added support for multi-subcurve profiles
- new extrusion profile center mode (choose between average subcurve point postions, curve center or many other BBox options)
- exposed optimization settings for evenly subdivisions
- new per polygon/point/edge attributes (is cap polygon, path/profile segment, etc)
- "evenly subdivision always hit knots" flag for path/profile.
- new compounds for advanced subcurve control
- new spiral displace modifier
- improved support for array based parameters
- angle threshold optimization for removing quasi linear segments
- mirror profile on XY / ZY planes

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