Finally, I'm finished with this color testing project and can put it to pasture.

Was able to finally settle on a color and a style and recorrected some shots to have a semblance of a narrative.

This is the third generation with the original idea here:

The second generation with coloring with Magic Bullet here:

The levels of coloring and additional information on what I did can be found in here:

Artistic consideration:
The last sequence is because of influence from the movie Cashback; it probably wasn't until then that I considered dust with passing memories, but now I can't stop. As fleeting as dust particles so are so many experiences. And once I've even mentioned "seeing" something, by then it is something that I saw, meaning it is a memory retold, or remembered.

I always remember my writing professor telling me: "The saddest part of a moment is awareness of it; because that's the beginning of the end of the it."

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