Screen capture of Le Pixel Blanc


Le Pixel Blanc

Antoine Schmitt 1996-2003

Computer, white pixel, behavioral algorithm. Not interactive.

Duration : infinite
Size : human


Installation, designed to be videoprojected on a wall, or shown on a screen, in the context of an exhibition (online or off-line). The duration is infinite, there is no end.

A white pixel wanders enlessly inside a rectangular space, leaving traces that disappear. Its movements are low, with sudden accelerations. It does not draw anything, it moves. Its mode of being, its way of moving result from the functionning, in front of us, of the underlying algorithm, modelized from a personal interpretation of the freudian model of the Conscious/Unconscious. The quality of its movement tends to question us on the cause of its movement. We are in the presence of a minimal artificial presence embedded in the present time. One follows it with the eyes.

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