Becky Skillman is serving her second term as the 49th Lieutenant Governor of Indiana. Since 2005, she has served as the state’s second in command with a clear vision of Indiana’s complete economic comeback.

The National Lieutenant Governors Association says Becky Skillman has more legal duties than any other Lt. Governor in the country. She has soundly managed five state agencies that administer nearly $1 billion in programs – the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, the Office of Energy Development, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, the Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and the Office of Tourism Development. Additionally, she chairs the state’s Counter Terrorism and Security Council, and serves as President of the Indiana Senate.

Most importantly, she has worked in close partnership with Governor Mitch Daniels to advance an agenda of progress in Indiana. She has used her legislative experience to guide major issues such as property tax caps, the Healthy Indiana Plan, and Major Moves through the General Assembly.

Before serving as the first elected female Lieutenant Governor in Indiana, Becky held elected offices in Lawrence County for sixteen years. She also served as the President of the Association of Indiana Counties.

In 1992, Hoosiers in five southern Indiana counties elected Becky to represent them in the Indiana Senate. She was quickly recognized for her ability to lead and was the first woman elected to Senate Majority leadership. During her 12 years in the Senate, she led the charge to include the state’s small towns and rural communities in its economic development agenda. There, she authored plans for development in distressed counties and revitalization of downtown areas.

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