'Chuan'r' Teaser - A Chinese Snowboard Movie

After another fun-filled season, we are BACK with our fourth Chinese snowboard movie. Named after the Chinese character for both ' to string together' and the delicious 'meat on a stick' snack, Chuan'r follows the country's top local riders as they string together their favorite spots throughout the season...while eating a lot of Chuan'r.
With riding from Marco Huang, Xiao Hu, Andrew Wang, Shizong, Liu Li, Xiaoguo, Zhangwei, Nate, Jokey Tong, Aimar, Jay and all the other Chinese shredders…Oh, and TRAVIS PARKER. This is one movie you don't want to miss!

The full movie drops in October with a three-stop China premiere tour kicking off with a huge season opening party in Beijing on the 15th.
The free-to-public DVD comes jam-packed with extra features including coverage of our Japan trip, a wrap-up of the 9th Red Bull Nanshan Open and much, much more! A locally available limited edition package also includes a full-color photobook by pm:studio. Head to any of the premieres or our events to get your hand on a copy and the chance to win loads of Chuan'r co-op swag from our sponsors! Stay tuned at mellowparks.cn for all the latest info.

A big thanks goes out to Red Bull, Nike 6.0, Nitro Snowboards, Union Bindings, Skullcandy, Nixon, Capita, Technine, Stepchild, Neff, Nanshan Ski Resort and Magic Potion for all their support - without them this project would not be possible.

Check it out, and SPREAD THE LOVE!

“串儿” 片花- 中国自己的单板电影

经过大家的努力,我们带着第四部中国单板电影强势回归来吸引大家的眼球. 这部新片的片名Chuan'r,寓意为中国本地最好的滑手们”串”在一起,在他们最喜欢的场地上展示他们最好的单板技巧以及激情, 并分享他们最喜欢吃的美味的肉串儿.
其中滑手们包括大家耳熟能详的 本地的顶尖单板滑手包括Marco 黄, 小虎, Andrew 王, 史总, 琉璃, 小果, 张伟, Nate, Jokey 童, Aimar, Jay 李以及众多其他出色的滑手们…哦不要忘了还有世界单板的一位传奇人物TRAVIS PARKER也友情客串了这部片子, 所以千万不能错过!

全片将于十月十五日隆重推出,并伴随着北京及东北地区共三站的巡回首映式, 尤其北京的首映式将按惯例同时举办盛大的麦罗雪季开营仪式的大party, 可千万不能错过啊! 在所有的首映式上你将看到免费赠送的“串儿” 的成片DVD, 包含了如麦罗日本单板之旅及第九届红牛南山公开赛的精彩花絮及很多很多其他的精彩内容.
而且如果你足够幸运的话 也可能得到随DVD限量发行由我们的合作伙伴pm:studio推出的大型精美单板图册.
来参加任何一站的首映式你都将有机会获得以上精美礼物,还有很多赞助商提供的意外大礼 即品牌和“串儿” 合作推出的限量款合作产品, 你肯定不会失望而归的.
更多详细信息请关注 mellowparks.cn

非常感谢我们所有的赞助商们的鼎力支持红牛, Nike 6.0, Nitro Snowboards, Union Bindings, Skullcandy, Nixon, Capita, Technine, Stepchild, Neff, 南山滑雪场和Magic Potion .


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