Of all different light conditions that photograhers faces, overcast lighting is the one that may consider to be the safest. Overcast frontlight also gets autoexposure cameras to perform well, since overall illumination is balanced. The softness of this light performs well in natural-looking portraits and richer flower colors, and it also eliminates the contrast problem that sunny days creates. This is assumed, of course, if we aren't under a dull gray sky like today in Chioggia, Venice. As I said before a standard overcast day can be a heaven for taking pics, but when the sun is screened by too much clouds (or high fog) it looses strenght and so the lighting starts becoming gray, you can easily see that looking at someting that is white and how it's reflects. 
On that situation I moved to the old city centre where I stated working on closer subjects avoiding the sky or wider frames that can be penalized by the flat gray light. You have to focus on house details, alleys, people and indoors. In the city I like to use normal or wide angle lenses, and mostrly shoot around 24mm, 35mm , 50mm. In that case I mounted a 17-40mm lens.

The city of Chioggia, as you can see in that backstage, is crossed by many canals like a kind of small Venice. I heard that at the morning there’s a small market on the main canal street with also a small open fish market. So I decided to walk along the main street shooting at some ships (0:20) and looking some particularities on the streets corners like fishing nets and other stuff (0:47).

I’m a bit sad because there’s not so much people around, and I need people to take shoots about a living city, so I decided to turn straight at the fish market.

The market take place under a red big top, light inside is not so high, I have to raise my ISO at 400, but the structure leave some light to come in and the red curtains are very nice with the dark silhouettes of the man at work (1:10).

After some shooting inside the market I moved outside to get a shoot also in the fruit and vegetable stalls. Here the space was narrow and the wideangle became a must have (1:48). I choosed a colored fruit stall and walked along some people to take a dynamic shoot of the everyday life in the city (2:23).

As you can see from this video small cities are more difficult to work in, you can find bad overcast light, small and not so helpful people but you can still working on actions, strong colors and closer views. Afther that once you're back at home a good post processing can be enhance you pictures taken in that gray day.

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