European Conference was held on 31 May 2011, 9h - 18h
in the European Parliament (Brussels) - in partnership with the GUE/NGL Parliamentary group.

Since May 2010, the policies pushed by the E.U. and carried out in each country are greatly worsening the social, economic and democratic situation. The austerity plans and the question of the public debt are at the heart of social and political conflicts. The “pact for Euro” marks yet another stage in the determination of the dominant forces in Europe to abolish the social model and to open the doors to social regression and taking democracy away. It removes any perspective of Europe’s emerging from the crisis.

On the pretence of fighting the crisis, budgetary deficits and State debts, the European Union and the governments of all our countries have initiated austerity policies that threaten all our populations, increase
poverty and unemployment, attack all public expenditure for social solidarity and justice, all systems of social security and make unrealistic choices necessary for the environment.

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