Q: If I finally decide to file for bankruptcy, how long does the process actually take?

Andrew Bellinson: Generally, there's two answers. First the court's answer. Once we file the case, if it's Chapter 7, it's gonna be three months. You're gonna have one year. It takes five minutes. And then the court has two months after that hearing in order to finish up their paperwork. Chapter 13 is a different process. It's more elaborate. But the real question is how long is it from the time you retained me until we file your case. I have people who retain me on a Monday, and they're filed on Friday. I have people who retained me on a Monday, and they're filed two years later. Because that's what they need, and it's really up to them. We're gonna gather your information and we're gonna put together paperwork. We're gonna figure out when's the proper time to help you. I don't want to file you if you're in the middle of a loan modification. Sometimes, loan modifications take some time. But we're protecting you while we're waiting. So, it's really up to you.

Q: What about if you're in the middle of a divorce?

Andrew: We wanted to see what's the divorce work's gonna say. We needed to know what's the child support's gonna be. We needed to know if they're gonna have alimony. We wait. We wait until they're ready to file. Other times we file at the beginning of the divorce. Sometimes the bankruptcy stops a divorce, and they realize that they can reconcile. Because the biggest threat they had, the worst part of their marriage was their financial trouble. And sometimes when we solved that, sometimes they loved each other again.
It's gratifying that we save a couple of couples.

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