Reason for the edit:
While viewing Spy Kids 3: Game Over I made an interesting observation -- Spy Kids 3 and Tron: Legacy are rather similar, in more ways than one. Yes, Spy Kids paid homage to Tron, but there's a certain thematic quality that's consistent with Tron Legacy. To prove my point, I cut this trailer mash-up using only Tron: Legacy audio (from the trailer) and Spy Kids 3 video (where applicable). The amusing results speak for themselves.

Disney, director Joseph Kosinski and all the people who wrote and produced Tron: Legacy - a pretty neat little sequel. Buy the film on Blu-ray -- it looks amazing.

Daft Punk for being awesome, and giving us some terrific tunes with Tron: Legacy, including the terrific trailer music. Buy their soundtrack! And buy the remix album, too!

And to Dimension, writer/director Robert Rodriguez and the cast and crew of Spy Kids 3: Game Over - a damn fun movie that's now on Blu-ray. Also, check out the latest sequel, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, this August (2011).

Audio and some Video: Tron: Legacy 1080p Trailer from Youtube (Disney)

Video: Spy Kids 3: Game Over Blu-ray (Dimension/Lionsgate)

AnyDVD HD, tsMUXER, KeepVid, AVS Video Converter, AVS Audio Converter, tsMUXER, TotalMedia Theatre, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9 - the best editing software on a PC.

Absolutely NO thanks to my sh***y computer for being super slow and clunky. What should have been a 90-minute project turned into 8+ hours. Wish I had an Apple and FinalCut.

This video is also available for sharing at Youtube:

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