I was invited to participate in a project called Chain
Letter, a project that grows exponentially with the idea
of eventually including all admired artists around the
I was to have a key role in the chain as I had to start a
project in Paris that would gather a lot of people.
The possibilities were numerous, the only conditions
were : the project had to be called "Chain Letter", it had
to start on July the 16th and the 10 invitations had to be
sent by e-mail on June the 10th.
The project "Autour du Soleil" ("Around the Sun") which
I had come up with but still hadn't been able to do,
seemed adequate. Whether we were to be two or a
hundred, a reaction would most likely be achieved.
This is how I suggested this performance to ten artists
I admire (well known artist or unknown ones). It would
take place in Ménilmontant between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30
p.m. Those artists would have to invite 10 admired
artists themselves and so on…
Everyone invited would have to walk around the block
from the terrace of a bar called Le Soleil for an hour.
This terrace is normally packed with people on sunny
days and I was sure that a bunch of people going round
in circles would get attention from some people sitting
on the terrace. I also planned to have a little accessory
during the last round : a small cardboard cutout with a
double digit number held by the artists who were to
walk in single file. This was supposed to make the
unknowing crowd think of an amateur fashion show.
Benoit was there to film the whole thing along with
Christine who was to keep him company. At 7:30 p.m.
it was pouring with rain and not only did it not stop
during the whole hour but it seemed to intensify.
Maybe this was the reason why I was the only one
going around in circles around Le Soleil. Or maybe
French people don't like chains. Or maybe the project
was a little bit too complicated or intimidating.
In any case, I was happy to have done this experience,
which I hope the film reveals.

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