Info about the play below.

Here's is the lines from when the sound drops out

It's not nerd shit, fuck you. I thought carmageddon was a new video game, then I started reading what it was.
And you overreacted.
I did not overreact, I overestimated what kind of shape I am in.
When it was Y2K you bought a storage unit full of dehydrated meals from an army surplus store.
I ate one of those for lunch last week and they are delicious.
Then there was the day you asked me to buy all the plastic and duct tape I could find to block windows.
Fine. I overreact. You're right. Okay? That's why I unplugged from the news, fuck them.

I see all the news and then I look out the window. The world's a big place, not everything bad thing happens to us. It just happens and we hear about it. That's all.

I write "Cafe Plays" at the Ruskin Group Theatre almost every month and have for two years as of July 2011.

The third Sunday of every month, five writers meet at a cafe at 9AM, are given a theme, four hours and choose two envelopes at random, which contain the cast's headshots - no resume.

In four hours a short play is written (8-10 pages) and then rehearsal with the cast, director and assistant director starts at about 1:30-ish.

The first performance is at 7:30, the second at 9PM.

For my two-year anniversary, the cast was given to me - John Colella & Jim Roof - and the director, David McWirther was also. I got to cheat! Very mafia.

I shot this with my phone over my head, sorry about the quality and my hand covered the mic for a few seconds towards the end, but you get the idea.

This was the 7:30 show and it was a blast to watch these two friends who have know each other since college absolutely destroying!

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