This is Vice City Undercovers! My first machinima series.

Vice City, 2011, VCPD Detective Sonny Rocket and LCPD detective Rico Tubbes investigate a drug traffic ring between Vice City and Liberty City. But nobody told them its going to be an easy job.

Im planning on making a short using a News report about the "Meth Cowboys". Yes, somewhat based on the nickname given to the cocaine dealers in the 80's. Watch Cocaine Cowboys(2006) for more details about that era.

Q:Name of the songs please
A:read the credits
Q:Tools used plz
Q: Where to find the cars you used?
A: Look for GTA inside, there are a lot of good car mods in there for all GTA's.
Q:Wow, when next episode will be launched? Cant wait!
A: Listen, its really dificult to make the episodes, but ill try to launch more episodes as soon as possible.

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