This is a time lapse video I did for the 5th Panhellenic Amateur Astronomers Meeting for observing. This year the meeting took place at "Filipaioi - Grevena" in the Northern Greece.

The shots are done with Canon EOS 5DMrkII, 60D, 2x 350D, 450D, and a Nikon D200. All had lenses 8-24mm and 2 of them were standing on Telescope Computerized Altazimuth Mounts, that were used for the vertical motion of the video frammes.

The music is the "As Daylight Dies" from "AudioMachine", and this was my girfriends idea.

Also many thanks to those who gave me theyr Cameras, Laptops, Tripods and Mounts, as for doing this video I had only 2 nights of shooting in the mountens of Greece.

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