Show Notes:
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**CIO Headlines Market News, Business Report, SIM**

Google+ in the Enterprise
Out of the box and into the garbage.

**Practitioner, Service Desk**

OS X Lion Upgrade Not Good for All Enterprise
Twitter feeds full of Marketing for Fusion11, not news.
How can we market ITSM conferences better?
Looking for an ITSM Job contact

Too many metaphors for the Cloud!

**Social Media, Tools and Vendors**

FrontRange CEO replaced - Michael McCloskey replaced by Mike Kohlsdorf
Zendesk Enterprise
Get Satisfaction gets very satisfied with 10 million dollars

Michael Cote’s Show
Analyst that focus on developers
Developers are IMPORTANT
How did we end up in the decade of the developer?
Confluence of Cloud and Open Source
Rapid code vs. Good Code
Github Resumes
Commoditization of development?
Code Igniter
MVC Development
There are NO simple metrics for developers, but in ITSM we have too many metrics?
Github Resumes
Marketplaces for the Enterprise
Rouge IT Departments Hiring developers without the Enterprise Knowing
Skunk Works
Infrastructure from Amazon
IT your number is up….
Etsy (You think clothing, we think DevOps)
What is REAL continuous development?
ITSM folks don’t understand the word “Continuous”
CIO of the UN is AGILE
What can someone get out Monktoberfest?
The story of Untappd
Begged RedMonk a year ago to have a conference!
Things that start as a joke (I wonder if this happened with ITIL?)
Monktoberfest is Field of Dreams in Reverse
“We can predict things well, we just can’t tell you when it’s going to happen”
Cassandra Syndrome
Github Explore
Developers think they are not subject to change management processes, how do you handle that?
“Fundamentally at ODDS with Change Management!”

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