AV:Lab @ Mapping Festival 2011 - May 26th and 27th, Geneva - Switzerland.

AV:lab is an offline educational course on new media and audiovisual arts initiated by Force Media Swiss AG, a leading Russian audiovisual arts group and creative community, also responsible for projects such as Cyberbrothers and Russian Visual Artists (RVA).

Present artists: onedotzero, benge, shantell martin, Russian Visual Artists, Mr Vux, Antonio Guesa, olga mink, UVA


AV:lab is coming to Europe for the first time at Mapping in 2011 with AV Art History, Content Creation, Software, Hardware, Protips and Career Outcomes. The unique program for Mapping includes presentations and talks with visual entities UVA, onedotzero and lightrhythm visuals, explaining their success stories and how it has been possible to develop an industry and careers around visual arts. This is followed up with themed talks by, RVA, Shantell Martin, Olga Mink and Benge who are talking on their respective subjects of video mapping for theatre, live illustration, curating visual arts and the history of synthesizers.

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