Hand in hand with Chinese Women Development Foundation, Sephora established the Sephora charitable fund. In 2011, Sephora charitable fund focus its attention in caring for migrant children, striving to help resolve a critical problem at hands – children’s education.
According to China National Statistics, there are over 20 million migrant children in China. With the absence of parents in these children’s lives, their teachers lovingly take on the roles of guardian angels. However, even angels are now faced with difficulties. The love for the children gives guardian angels the courage to shoulder such extraordinary responsibility. However, courage alone cannot overcome the challenge put up by the reality.
Compare with other teachers, the load of a migrant children’s teacher is heavier and more difficult. What they offer is always more than what they get compensated, even to the extent of not being able to fulfill basic living needs. Without the society’s helping hand, they will not be able to persist in long term.
Sephora guards the children’s guarding angels. Together, may the seeds of virtue and kindness sprout in every soil of China.


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