amarillos ambrasadores:

“Drains.” It’s the first song Portland-based trio Burning Yellows played for us during their Feels Like Home session. Over the track’s titular sewage is an opiatic gloss: the long organ melody that can barely stand up; tambourine giving these slow notes a shoulder to lean on, falling snareward on the twos and fours; guitar like a mirror to television static, droning on a single chord for the majority of the tune.

When the short song ends, a cigarette jump-starts another and we find Our Lady Of Regretful Intoxication behind it, the nicotine weather system doing fast-motion clouds around her.

She takes over the mic and sings “Midwaste.” The title, presumably a portmanteau expressing some central phase of bender, makes way for lyrics like, “What the fuck is wrong with me,” “I was so wasted,” and “I hate you.” The Joan Jett teeth have Courtney Love smoke passing through them.

The smoke doesn’t clear. It leers for a place to drain.

It already had its chance.

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