A dark comedy marred with heart-wrenching, emotional drama - this thought-provoking piece reflects contemporary Irish society in the depths and despair of recession. The play moves between themes of materialism and celebrity, alcoholism, bereavement, anger, frustration, violence, lies and mental illness. Set on a dreary morning in modern-day Ireland, the queue waits in hope, embarrassment, fear, disappointment, but good humour and a realisation that nobody is immune from joining the end of the line. The unemployment queue in Ireland is presently the greatest leveller of status, class. Join us and discover why. Not to be missed.

Category: Theatre
Genres: drama, true-life
Group: Gaiety Performance Theatre Company
Facebook: Gaiety School Performance Theatre Company
Venue: Greenside
Date: 10-13 August
Time: 20:00
Duration: 55 minutes
Suitability: PG
Warnings: Some strong language
Country of Origin: Ireland

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